Full programme

Invited speakers
Prof. Dr. David Wales
(University of Cambridge)
Asymmetry in Molecular Science
Dr. Marie-Hélène Verlhac
(Collège de France, Paris)
Asymmetry in Vertebrates
Prof. Dr. Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern
(Max Planck Institute Magdeburg)
Enantiomers in Chemistry And Drugs
Prof. Dr. Bin Jiang
(University of Gävle, Sweden)
Asymmetry in Geography
Prof. Dr. Eric Akkermans
(Israel Institute of Technology)
Topological Asymmetries
Moderation of the Symposium:
Alice Guyon (IPMC laboratory, UCA)

Thursday 15 March
Time Conference
9:00am Introducing remarks
9:20am Keynote Lecture, Dr. Marie-Hélène Verlhac
Asymmetries and symmetries in the mouse oocyte and zygote
10:10am Invited Presentation, Prof. Dr. Denes Nagy
President of the International Symmetry Society
Symmetry, asymmetry, and dissymmetry in science and art
10:50am Pause café
11:20am Contributed Talk, Pr. Albert Marouani
Structural and behavioural asymmetries as the norm of market economies
11:40am Contributed Talk, Pr. Robert Olszewski
Urban asymmetries in terms of actor-network theory, social (geo)participation, and multi-agent modelling
12:00pm Contributed Talk, Dr. Thomas Buhse
Non-stochastic spontaneous symmetry breaking: What kind of weak asymmetric forces is propelling?
12:20pm Contributed Talk, Pr. Véronique Michelet
Asymmetric Syntheses and Properties of Odorant Molecules
12:40pm Apéro lunch, Salle à Manger
2:10pm Keynote Lecture, Prof. Dr. Bin Jiang
Scaling Law and Tobler's Law for Characterizing Asymmetries in Geography
3:00pm Contributed Talk, Bruno Antonny
Asymmetry in lipids and in proteins for proper material exchange between membranes
3:20pm Contributed Talk, Eng. Agustina Razetti
Understanding in vivo axonal development as an inherently asymmetric process
3:40pm Contributed Talk, Jonathan Stéphano
Asymmetric bronchi tree model: does pruning bear fruit?
4:00pm Pause café
4:30pm Contributed Talk, Wolfram Hans-Peter Thiemann
A Short History of the Investigation of the Origin of Homochirality in the Terrestrial Biosphere
4:50pm Contributed Talk, Louis L.S. d’Hendecourt
Interstellar ices: a possible scenario for symmetry breaking of extraterrestrial chiral organic molecules of prebiotic interest
5:10pm Contributed Talk, Dr. Stephan Ulamec
Philae Landing on Comet 67P/Churyumov Gerasimenko, planned chirality measurements and ideas for the future
5:30pm Keynote Lecture, Prof. Dr. Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern
Processes to separate enantiomers
6:20pm Apéritif dînatoire
8:00pm Asymmetry Concert of the Orchestra Casa’rmonie
Orchestration in asymmetry

Friday 16 March
Time Conference
9:00am Keynote Lecture, Prof. Dr. David Wales
Symmetry and Asymmetry: from Molecules to Nanodevices
9:50am Invited Lecture, Prof. Dr. Christine Noille (Univ. Grenoble Alpes)
Comme ceux qui font de fausses fenêtres pour la symétrie : La Fontaine architecte de ses Fables
10:30am Pause café
11:00am Contributed Talk, G.L. Lippi
Symmetries and asymmetries with photons and lasers
11:20am Contributed Talk, Ulrich Kuhl
Dynamically encircling an exceptional point for asymmetric mode switching
11:40am Contributed Talk, Agnes Regina Banreti
N-Methyl-D-Aspartate receptor (NMDAR) regulates cell competition
12:00pm Contributed Talk, Dr. Christian Merten
Probing molecular chirality, learning about solvation
12:20pm Apéro lunch & Posters, Salle à Manger
1:40pm Keynote Lecture, Prof. Dr. Eric Akkermans
Topological Asymmetries
2:30pm Contributed Talk, Dr. Stéphane Noselli
Left-Right asymmetry in Drosophila: from molecular to organism chirality
2:50pm Invited Presentation, Valeria Inkler
Beauty and Asymmetry - From Experimental Psychology to Japanese Art
3:30pm Contributed Talk, Didier Josselin
Scale and asymmetry in spatial analysis
3:50pm Contributed Talk, Giovanni Fusco
Asymmetry along the way. Applications and conceptualizations for the morphology of urban fabrics.
4:10pm Pause café
4:40pm Contributed Talk, Dr. William C. Danchi
Asymmetries in Astrophysics Arising on the Path to the Search for Life in the Universe
5:00pm Contributed Talk, Adrien Meguerditchian
On the Origin of Hemispheric Specialization for Language: Gestural and Brain Asymmetries in Primates
5:20pm Contributed Talk, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Wolfgang Quint
Fundamental Symmetries and Symmetry Breaking in Physics
5:40pm Contributed Talk, Prof. Dr. Henning Jessen
Asymmetry of Inositol Phosphates
6:00pm Contributed Talk, Marie-Noële Magnié-Mauro, Assoc. Prof., MD-PhD
Particularities about brain asymmetry and lexicosemantic processing in giftedness: a trans-disciplinary approach
6:20pm Special Brain Awareness Week Talk, Emmanuel Mellet, MD, PhD
Left brain, right brain: lessons from neuroimaging
6:50pm Concluding remarks, Alice Guyon

Michel Petitjean
Defining and measuring asymmetry
Nora M. Kreienborg
Exploring Chirality at the Molecular Level
Dr. Ewald Hejl
Fission tracks in enantiomorphic minerals as a putative key to biomolecular chirogenesis
Julie Milanini
EFA6 regulates lumen formation through alpha-actinin
Prof Seungjae Lee
Asymmetry on human movements in time and space perspectives
Yue Tang
Asymmetric Gold- Versus Silver-Catalyzed Domino Transformations
Dr. Cornelia Meinert
The Cosmic Origin of Biomolecular Asymmetry
Caroline Bouissou
Asymmetric Exchanges

Proceedings of the First European Asymmetry Symposium will be published after the Symposium. The Editor of the Proceedings, the Instructions for Authors, and the Deadline will be published soon.